Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a lifetime experience. Especially for someone like me who never did a lot of sport or fitness programs. In fact, the last years I’ve been really lazy – and in my job I was sitting most of the time. Either in the car (driving up to 80.000km a year) or in front of the PC.

Then, in 2014 I’ve heard a lecture from motivational coach and speaker Steve Kroeger ( What he was telling us about was that almost everyone was able to climb the highest mountain of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro (5.895m) – and he would be the one guiding us up there. My first thought: “That’s amazing – I wanna do that” was quickly displaced by another thought: “You’ll never make that!” End of story… (for the moment)

Half a year later I’ve heard the lecture the second time (was kind of a coincidence). And again there was this “I wanna do that”-thought. Actually it took me another couple of months to get to the decision to start the ultimate adventure and booked the tour of my life with Steve.

To be prepared optimally I gave myself 16 months time for preparing, both on the mental and the fitness side. Apart from that I had no trekking gear, no hiking boots, not even some outdoor clothing. The adventure began – and I’d like to take you with me on this journey.

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