Hi altogether!

Last month I came back from Ethiopia and if course I’d like to share my experiences with you! We – a group of four persons – have been traveling the Omo Valley for 9 days to visit the different tribes and cultures.


In advance we searched online (Tripadvisor forum etc.) for a guide and found Addis Rasta (+251910034256, Addisomo55@gmail.com) – this was the best decision as we discovered during our trip

On the day after our arrival at Addis Ababa we have been picked up as promised directly from our hotel in two off-road cars. For the following days we drove through almost the complete Omo Valley – to close to the borders to Kenia and South Sudan.
We got the opportunity to visit the different tribes and their villages and highlight followed the next one:

  • Dorze: An unforgettable evening with home-made schnapps in a mountain village
  • Hamer: The traditional bull jumping shouldn’t be missed – and our guide Addis did everything and contacted everybody he knew to find our, where we could attend such a ceremony!
  • Also Hamer: An evening in a village, where on front of our eyes a goat was slaughtered and grilled on the open fire – an incredible experience for which we were (and still are) very thankful to Addis!
  • Mursi: The well-known women with a big clay plates in their lower lip, the men all carrying a Kalaschnikow AK-47 over their shoulder
  • Karo: Everyone is painted beautifully all over the body. But they also know exactly, how to make money with the tourists. Especially the children are taking positions that are optimal to take photos of and demanded “photo, photo” – as they know that all over the valley the price for a picture is 5 Birr per person. (If a woman is pregnant, the price is doubled… *G*)
  • Konso: The terraces in the hills exist for hundreds of years, as far as the eye can reach!
  • Dasenech: The poorest of the poor – a very impressive and lasting experience
  • and many more…

We slept in different lodges varying from simple to comfortable. One night in tents had to be cancelled during the night, as we literally drowned in the pouring rain… 😉 Also due to the rain we were unable to continue our already planned excursion to Lake Turkana in Kenia, as we got stuck with our cars. But this was not by far a show-stoppper for us – that’s part of the experience and nothing can be planned a hundred percent safe.

All in all we can emphasize the following:

During the whole trip we felt very comfortable and above all: safe! This also thanks to our competent and sympathetic company of Addis and his two drivers Melaku and Nebiyu, which drove us safely on all the 3,500km we covered – and always tried their best to make everything possible for us. Like for example the many photo stops that I wanted to make as a photographer – often very spontaneously.

A great country with wonderful people, of course often combined with great poverty – but at the same time so much beauty and warmth!

We will come back to this great place for sure


(and if anyone has specific questions about the trip – just write me!)