On the final day the last 20km and 1.830m downwards felt like a piece of cake. With every step, every meter of less altitude we were feeling the oxygen powering us up. Although exhausted from the day before we enjoyed the way back. Especially for me walking down opened new views and perspectives as I was extremely tense on the first days, now knowing exactly what to expect.

Once again we walked through the heathland and rain forest, saw monkeys and birds and once again we were amazed by the dense vegetation in the forest, the sheer dimensions of the trees, the sounds of all the animals hidden behind trees, leaves and foliage.

All of us had this subtle and persistent smile on our faces, knowing about what we have achieved at the preceding days.

We’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! Highest mountain in Africa, highest freestanding mountain in the world.


Fact sheet for day 1:

  • starting altitude: 3.720m
  • final altitude: 1.890 m
  • altitude loss: 1.830m
  • distance: 20km
  • duration: 5h

Altitude – distance chart:


Once again special thanks to Steve Kroeger for the inspiration and motivation – and for the whole adventure together with you! Thanks man!

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