The third day of the trek is optional but I assure you, you should take it. Day 3 is the acclimatization day, so you’re not gaining altitude. Following the claim “train high, sleep low” we did a small walk up to approx. 4,100m to a rock formation called the Zebra Rocks. Why they got that name: see for yourself in the pictures…

This day can be key for your successful climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. Your body needs to adapt to the altitude. The more time it gets for that the better. But also remember: Even when in camp stick to “Pole Pole!”, move slowly whatever you’re doing, as you’ll need the energy early enough.



Fact sheet day 3:

  • starting altitude: 3,720m
  • final altitude: 4.100 m
  • altitude gain: 0m (380m up and down)
  • distance: 5km

Altitude – distance chart:


Let’s continue together to Kibo Hut at 4,720m!